AIS Presents - 50 Shades Freed - The Movie Premiere!

It's that time again... Movie night with AIS!

The event?....50 Shades Freed - The Movie Premiere!
The date?....Feb 9, 2018
The time?....10:30pm - 1:00am
The cost?....$12.50 ticket + $1.68 eventbrite fee
The place?....The Gateway Film Center
1550 N High St , Columbus, OH 43201
Dress code?.... grandmother rules

Three years ago, the first 50 Shades came out. We had such a good time - all of us together at the theater! Then we did it again for 50 Shades Darker and It was so much fun, yelling at the screen, making fun of the characters, and all hanging together for a fun movie night!

Now, the Final Chapter - 50 Shades Freed - has been announced, and AIS is doing it again!

The words "50 Shades" may be spoken with a sneer, with a lustful look, with curiosity, or as a frame of reference... But regardless of how it has been spoken of, it's now hitting the big screen for the last chapter! So we should at least check it out, right? See what we can use, what we might have to talk about, or even correct!

So come see the final chapter movie premiere - with AIS! We have rented a local theater, and have booked the Friday, February 9th the premiere of "50 Shades Freed" at 10:30pm. It'll only be us kinksters, so it'll be a blast. We don't know about you... but we are really looking forward to seeing this one. It might be great, it might be a bust, but at least we can all yell at the screen together!

Want to come out and join us? Here are the specifics -

How much? TIckets are $12.50 each. There is a concession stand where you can buy the regular movie stuff (Buttered Popcorn for me, please!)

How many? There are 110 tickets for sale. That's it. When they are gone, well... you know. You'll have to see it somewhere else.

Where can you get tickets? You can grab 'em online - Click here for Eventbrite Tickets and if we still have any tickets left... at the Dec 8th, the Jan 12th and Feb 9th Meet N Greet - right before the film!

We will be leaving the Feb 9th Meet N Greet a bit early (10p) then heading down to the Gateway Film Center for lots of fun!

**The official 50 Shades Freed trailer !

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