The AIS Amazing One Night Party!

Come out and get your kink on... at a Fantastic AIS Play Party!

Well… now that the ACE rope weekend is in the rearview mirror… and it's gonna be a while for Winter Wickedness 2019? and you want to grab a full weekend of Kinky fun? Then come out and have a blast with AIS!

The event?... the AIS Amazing One-Night Party
The date?... Saturday September 29, 2018
The cost?... $20 at the door; bring your photo ID
The time... 8:00 pm - 1:00 am
The place?... The Columbus Space
180 Outerbelt St, Columbus, OH 43213
Dress code... Outside it's vanilla space; but inside anything goes!

'Cause on Saturday night, September 29th, is The AIS One Night Party! It's time again! AIS has something awesome in store for you! We are taking over the Columbus Space to do the AIS style follow up to the AIS New 2 Kinksploratorium - For the first hour or so, starting at 8p, we will be keeping the lights up a bit in the secondary playspace.

Why would we do that? Well... for those kinksters who are just getting into the Kink Community, and want some assistance or advice on the flow, activities, and choices of creating a wonderfully sensational Scene - this is the night for you!

And... if you've been around for a while, don't worry! The Main Playspace is set up for all kinds of kinky fun. So come on out and join us, whatever your skill or experience level, it's bound to be a good time!

We have learned from past events that people like to be able to identify fellow kinky folk at a glance, so if you are open to play? Grab one of the colored armbands at the door. Red for D-type, blue for S-type, green for switches. If you haven't been to an AIS Party before and just want to watch; you can always add a band later. If someone has no armband, it means they didn't get one, are curious or are not interested.

While this isn't as wild and free as COPE or Winter Wickedness – it is going to be a boat-load of fun! Remember, we are still not allowed any purposeful breaking of the skin, and there is no Alcohol or Inebriating substances allowed - but most other things are a go! Furthermore, it is a great way to break into the local scene, meet some people, and simply have fun.

Don't worry about online sales, this is one of the only AIS events where you can pay at the door and it's still only $20! But make sure you don't get there too late, 'cause we are limiting attendance to 130. Check your calendars, and be there! We're easy to find – just follow the signs, and the sighs…

So mark your calendars now! This is an event you don't want to miss! (Open to all Kinksters and AIS members - 19 and up). Remember.... the standard AIS Party Rules apply, so review those rules and have fun! Tickets available at the door, just bring your Gov't issued ID, sign the waiver & you are in ! Remember... NO ID = NO Entry; No Exceptions.

See ya then!
Barak & Brat Sheba

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