AIS Queer Round Table

There is a rainbow in the sky! Follow it to the Queer Roundtable!!!
This month we will be discussing Transitioning

The event?....The AIS Queer Roundtable!
The date?....Nov 6, 2017
The time?....7:00pm - 9:00pm
The cost?....$5 donation for the use of The Space
The place?....The Columbus Space For Alternative Self-Expression
180 Outerbelt St, Columbus, OH 43213
Dress code?.... grandmother rules

Change can be terrifying, exciting, heartbreaking, life affirming and all sorts of other emotions as well. One thing is for sure, change is often necessary. For our own mental health, so the world can see who we truly are, or to reach our goals. But goodness... can it be hard!

This Roundtable is geared toward the Queer community. We will be meeting on the first Monday of the month (unless that monday falls on a major holiday, then we'll meet the followiong day!) at The Columbus Space to discuss topics pertaining to the Queer experience. For the purposes of this Roundtable 'Queer' is used as an umbrella term for anyone who does not identify as heterosexual/heteronormative.

We all know that there are as many path of sexuality as there are colors in the rainbow but often coming out as being gay, lesbian, bi, trans, intersexed and/or queer can be challenging. So let's let our rainbow flags fly high while we discuss this pivotal moment in our lives.

Please bring a donation for use of the Space. The Columbus Space has allowed us to meet here without a rental fee. Keep in mind it is very expensive to keep the lights on and the toilets flushing, so we ask that people who are not Silver and higher members of the Space please give generously so this community building can continue to be available to us.

*For the purposes of this Roundtable 'Queer' is used as an umbrella term for anyone who does not identify as heterosexual.*

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