AIS Season's Beatings Party

We know the holidays will almost be upon us... and Winter Wickedness will still be a month or two away… And we will all need a way to blow off some steam from all the rushing around, shopping, planning, meals with family, friends, wrapping, noise-making, and that kind of stuff! So why not come out and get your Kink on!! Join us for the eighth annual AIS Season's Beatings Party. Coming to The Columbus Space –Saturday night, 8pm- 1am, December 15, 2018!

The event?...AIS Seasons Beatings Party
The date?....Saturday December 15, 2018
The cost?....$20 at the door; bring your photo ID
The time ....8:00 pm - 1:00 am
The place?...The Columbus Space For Alternative Self-Expression
180 Outerbelt St, Columbus, OH 43213
Dress code?... Outside is vanilla space - inside? It's mild to wild!

Want to know more? Sure! AIS is once again taking over the Columbus Space. We are setting up lots of furniture - a couple suspension beams, all kinds of benches, bondage and massage tables, and maybe even the AIS Pink Mats! We have worked out the music, and are planning on having some HUGE fun in this enormous and welcoming space.

While this isn't as wild and free as COPE or WICKED'19 – it is going to be loads of fun! Remember, we are still not allowed any purposeful breaking of the skin, but most other things are a go! Questions? Check the Party Rules for clarifications. Furthermore, it is a great way to meet people in a non-threatening play environment, and simply have fun. It's a wonderful way to talk, share, learn and play in a place that embraces the open relationship avenue.

We have learned from past events that people like to be able to identify fellow kinky folk at a glance, so we will be passing out the armbands at the door again. Red for D-type, blue for s-type, green for switches, rainbow for GLBTQ, and pink kisses for intimate encounters. SO, if you haven't been to an AIS Party before and just want to watch; you can always add a band later!! If someone has no armband, it means they didn't get one, are curious or are not interested.

Check your calendars, and be there! Just show up, come to the registration desk, show your ID, lay down your $20, sign the waiver and you are in! But make sure you don't get there too late, 'cause we are limiting attendance to 130.

This is an all night event you don't want to miss! (Open to all Kinksters and AIS members - 19 and up). Remember.... the standard AIS Party Rules apply, so review those rules and have fun! Tickets available at the door, just bring your Gov't issued ID, sign the waiver & you are in ! Remember... NO ID = NO Entry; No Exceptions.

We look forward to hosting you!
Barak, Sheba and the AIS Staff

Age & Registration - Regular AIS Events are open to adults, 19 years old (on the day of the event) or older. A valid government issued ID is required for entrance and registration to any AIS Event or Party. NO ID = NO Entry; No Exceptions.

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