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A sneak peek at COPE'19 ... plus a bit MORE!

It's getting closer! Can you smell it in the air? The Nights are shorter - and the leaves are budding... You know what that means? That's right! Summer is coming... and with it? the AIS Central Ohio Pervsion Excursion event!

And, this time, we are planning something HUGE! It's not just a new presenter line up. It's not just new vendors. It's not just all kinds of new and exciting classes. It's the Mid-Summer Kinkalicious fun event!

It's gonna be fantastic! Why is that? Well… COPE is truly an adventure – with all kinds of amazing indoor and outdoor playspaces! Yes, you read that right. There will be at least 3 if not many more playspaces outside in the nature and at night, under the stars! We would say more… but we don't want to give too much away. Obviously, we are certainly taking over the whole hotel... and turning it into one big event. What does that mean for you? The entire event is a kink mecca... For the most part, you can wear whatever you want wherever you want!(1) 95% of the hotel is chocolate! Haven't been to a Hotel Based AIS Event? Well - Chocolate refers to dress and behavior. In a chocolate space, it is all kinky space!

Plus there is so much more. There is an all new presenter line up, with all kinds of fun, exciting and informational classes about all the kinky things you've ever wanted! It's a 2 day educational, play, and experiential event here in Columbus, Ohio. That means a full day of classes - with all kinds of class tracks - Rope Bondage, SM Skills, Sexuality, Relationships, Power Exchange, Roleplay and a misc track!

Then 2 full nights of play parties in over 14,000 sq feet of playspaces - a Main playspace, with specially crafted AIS Scene music - with a driving beat. A day playroom, where you can play the day away. A Warm & Wet room for all you fireplayers. And a rope space! All filled with great music, and amazing AIS Kink Labs & Bonds of Steel Furniture.

Plus... There always is scrumptious food, a huge aftercare area, friendly community, and much more. The hotel will be coming up with a meal plan… so you can be assured of the Saturday Prime Rib Dinner – all available for sale – at the event, or maybe before! Keep your eyes on the COPE'19 Website as we add more info regularly!

So even though COPE is a little over 1 month out? It's time to start planning now! Because this one is going to be like no other!

COPE 2019 Featured Presenters
Carnal_Knowledge – Service Oriented Heart, People Organizer & Huge Massage Whore
Conroy & ShesANatural – Traditional Gentleman, Student of Rope, with Devoted AlphaBottom
Dee1234 – Educated, Independant Woman... Layered & Private....yet Playful!
Ligge & ThePrincessEllie – Arizona Master/slave 2018 & Leaders of Polyamory Awareness
LunaticBound – Rope Educator; Quiet, Goofy, Intense.... All-Around Sick Fuck!
NookieNotes – Sassy, Irreverent, Poly & Greedy
Ode2Joy – Rawr-y Lion Cub, Determined Rope Bottom, & Laughing Masochist
girl_Stacey – Queer Femma, Leather Girl, Community Activist & Mother... RARW!
Xeno & SharpObject – Friendly Neighborhood Sadist & Ritual Masochist

You can discover more information as we post it to the COPE'19 Attendees Group - or grab your tickets on the AIS COPE Website - Ticket Page - when general registration opens on April 5 at 11:59pm!

See ya at COPE'19!
Barak, Sheba and the AIS Staff

Adventures in Sexuality