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Reaching Out for some Leather "Help"
Sunday Dec 9, 2007 9:54 am

We have cats. Mostly I love our cats. I say mostly because last night, I was very tempted to commit mass felinacide. No, I don't mean just our cats - I mean all cats. Any cat within a 50 mile radius. You ask, what would incite me to such extremes? Well, if you are interested, I will tell you the story.

Yesterday was a really full day. It was filled with lots of things to do in the BDSM community. Early in the day, the AIS-TNG had a workshop. Then there was supposed to be a local vanilla community drum circle. After that we were going to spend some time at the CORDs/SORE Christmas party (one of our personal favorites!) and finally the night would end with us at the AIS TNG Party for wrap up. So as you can clearly see, we had to get up early in the morning, and get moving. We had been running late, and got to the TNG Workshop just barely on time. (On a side note, woohoo! That workshop was a good time!) So after the workshop, the drum circle was a bust - no-one showed up - not even the people who were supposed to be facilitating it.

So Sheba and I went out for a nice dinner. We had a good discussion, and were excited about heading early to the CORDs/SORE Party. As we were packing up, I grabbed my toy bag and put it on the table. There was a pool of liquid, right on the top of the bag. I looked up, thinking that the ceiling might be leaking. Nope, dry as a bone. I put my finger in the liquid and sniffed. Holy shit! It was cat pee. The first thing I did, was grab a towel to soak up the puddle - praying it would not spill onto my toys. As soon as I could, I zipped open the bag, and checked the bag liner for wetness. Damn, yup! it was wet.

Frantically I began removing the toys closest to the offending area, sniffing them to see if they had been contaminated. One after one, I discovered my floggers had fallen prey to the cat urine. When it was all said and done, I found all 5 of my custom Heartwood Whips floggers had been affected. This one - the handle was drenched, that one the falls were soaked, and the others in between. I was crushed. Aside from the monetary aspect of it, these floggers had seen years of faithful service. Each carried memories of great scene after scene.

I dashed to the computer to Google "Cat urine and leather care", only to find disappointment after despair. It seems as though my faithful leather friends had been damaged beyond repair. At this point, they hang in the back room, still smelling a bit like cat pee. Even after a treatment with the "best thing" which is Natures Miracle cat urine remover.

I know it is almost laughable. I mean, I thought our cats were marvelous and wonderful friends. Who knows, maybe they were sent from the radical right wing to foil my pleasure. Perhaps there is a secret plot to damage my good humor. Perhaps they have lulled us into complacency for so long, they needed a distraction to get the message back to their cat superiors. Or scarier still, maybe the movie "Cats vs. Dogs" was real.

So, here is my plea - has anyone ever had a similar issue? How did you deal with it? (I mean fixing the floggers, not blowing up the cats.)

Barak and 5 sad, smelly Heartwood Floggers.

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