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Master versus master
Sunday Mar 30, 2008 9:39 pm

Greetings Everyone,

I have to say, as this Slave self-protection thread wound it's way around and back to the original question of "should she drink or not?" I found myself quite curious about people's viewpoints of what is submissive and what is slave, what is a Master, and who is a master. Is a Master called such by their slave? Do submissives call their Tops, master? What characteristics do slaves have? Is it like other facets of the scene, where each is different?

So - I began a little self-evaluation, an introspection so to speak. I was curious - after all, Sheba and I have had collared submissives for a while. Would having a slave look different? I began to talk to my inner circle of friends, people who have experienced M/s relationships before. The more I uncovered, the more convinced I became that my desire was for a slave. You see, what I want in a s-type is a mixed breed. I want a personal assistant, a maid, and a wanton slut rolled up into a pretty package. I want a self-starter, who is a go-getter, intelligent, and knows themselves - along with their needs, wants and desires - and how to get them.

Was I insane? Does such a person exist? Was I asking too much of a single person? I had no idea. So I decided to take my ideas about what I wanted, my total thoughts about the matter and sit in on a Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) meeting. I mean, after all, these are the people who do lifestyle M/s. Fortunately, I knew that MAsT was meeting today, so I cruised over to the meeting to listen in on what was being addressed.

There was a tight knit circle at the table, and luckily Sheba and I knew most of them. We went round for a while on MAsT business, and then somehow we ended up on the Slave-self protection thread from AIS. I figured this was the time. I looked over at Master Tony, who was running the meeting and told him what I was thinking. Several others at the table nodded in understanding. Master Tony came right out and said, "yes, I think you are looking for a slave." Hmmm, I thought. But would I want to be a Master? I forgot to use my inside voice, and before I knew it, he was answering that question also.

He specifically spoke about the differences between someone who is a Master, like Master Chuck Renslow, or Master Jack Rinella - verses someone who participates in Master/slave relationships and is called Master by their slave. More insights for me. I was even more contemplative when a slave at the table asked me, what do you plan to give? The slave continued, "You are asking for someone to be your personal assistant, your maid and your slut; what are you going to offer them in return?"

"Drat! Foiled again!" I said... twirling my moustache... wait, wrong column. I looked at the slave and thought about it. I was still thinking about it, when they dimmed the lights at the Surly Girl - where the MAsT meeting was held this time. I suppose that since then, I have come up with a couple things. What I would care to offer is a place in my inner circle, brutal honesty, integrity, a sharing in the thrills that life has to offer, protection, caring and compassion - probably more; but I am still considering it - and it was only a couple hours ago.

So - let me ask this as a two fold question -
1. s-types - what is it that you want in return for your service?
2. D-types - what is is that you give to your s-types?

So, I will continue to think on this one. Who knows? maybe someone out there fits that bill exactly... (and if you do - let me


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