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What the Heck is a "No-Shower Sunday" ?
Wednesday Nov 26, 2008 9:00 am


About 2 weeks ago, the weather turned abruptly cold. I mean it went from Sunny and 70ish on friday to 30's and dreary on sunday. Sheba and I looked at each other, and at the same time said, "No-Shower Sunday?". Now, don't tell anyone, but occasionally we have a sunday that we title "No-Shower Sunday (NSS)". This is a day where we obviously don't take a shower; and it goes way deeper than that. It is a day where we might get an hour or two's worth of productive behavior, but the rest is totally slacker material.

You see a NSS involves removing the cares and responsibilities of daily life, to a day when we can just chill by the tube, or on the computer (playing computer games), or read a book, or nap the whole day away. We might order out some chinese or pizza delivery - or if we planned it well enough, we go shopping the night before for some great comfort food, like burgers and fries, or in her case - cream of broccoli soup on top of eggs on toast, and in mine - grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches; or even better - cream cheese and jelly on rye with ruffles potato chips squished into the sandwich!

I am sure we all have our "comfort food" and our comfort "things", like our soft heavy blanket, the teddy bear, our favorite vibrator. What I am saying is that these days human beings have so much built up stress in their lives, that it is so important to take a break and have a NSS, or a day off to ourselves. It is a way that we can stay in, go out, do whatever - as long as it is completely non-stressful.

This kind of thing is more important also with a sudden weather change. Why? Well as human beings, climate changes cause physical stress. The body becomes used to a specific temperate range, and then all of a sudden, poof! It changes. This can be the "straw" that pushes our body from a healthy immune system, to a weakened one. Enough so that the germs we have been fighting off have a chance! And then all of a sudden we are sick - this is why the flu is strongest at seasonal changes.

Anyway, Where am I going with all this? I simply think it is important for people to have a "day off" from everything... a day to recharge our body, mind and spirit. What does this have to do with being Kinky? Simple. If we are not taking care of our basic needs, there really is no way to keep up that fun, sexual energy that we create to play. It is very important to not only feed our sexual desires, but to make sure we have a good platform to feed those desires from.

But, those are just my a.m. thoughts before coffee.. and I smell it now, so - I am off to sip it slowly and enjoy it fully before I head to work. So, maybe you can share what it is that you do to relax...

Peace to you

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