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Service versus Submission
Thursday Oct 16, 2008 9:16 pm

a previous post entitled "Dominant?" by another community member:

(quote) "...I wanted to make a brief comment/expansion the idea here of "service" juxtaposed with submission. As a switch, I see service as something that everyone, Dom/mes, subs, slaves, sWitches can participate in without worrying about losing their status/harming their ego.

Here I could use Barak as an example. How much service does he do for the community without being thought of as un-Domly? Who would DARE?..." (unquote)

(Barak's response)

lol - Well I certainly don't think of myself as Domly or not Domly. I am simply doing and being who I want to be. And to be honest, you are exactly correct. I enjoy serving. I enjoy pleasing others, and helping others. Hence, my profession - as a nurse, I am helping and serving people all day long. Also - my community standing. Sheba and I put on COPE and Wicked, and the other things we do, because we love having fun, and enjoy giving people our efforts to create something that they will enjoy also. But do I "submit" - not at all. Sure, I could submit, and would happily do so if forced to the point of

Personally I do think there is a significant difference between "Service" and "Submission". Furthermore, they can be given together, or can be offered exclusively.

anyway, just something I was thinking as I read the last couple posts.

Great topic!


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