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Sexual Independence Day
Friday Jul 4, 2008 8:50 am

Good Morning 4th of July...

Just wanted to pause and wish everyone a Happy Sexual Independence Day! What? You thought it was a National Holiday celebrating the independence of our country? Well.. yes, even though the Declaration was signed on the 2nd...

But I am proposing we make today into a Happy Sexual Independence day! So, what this means is... wait for it.. lol - Celebrate the fact you can be a sexual person without being arrested outright! That Porn is for sale in most gas stations, that you can buy condoms and lube at Kroger, that most people can find a place to buy a dildo within 10 miles of their home! Or, if not - order a dozen on the internet and have 'em delivered in days! That groups like AIS can exist without undue persecution! That BDSM practitioners with a safe, sane and consensual style can be found meeting in regular restaurants, bars, and at the local bowling alley!

That Kinky people from all over the world can come to events (like COPE, TES, SMARTFest, GLLA, IML, Kinky Kollege, BR, DO, etc...) and find more kindred spirits, more ways to discover their bliss and act out their fantasies! We as a community are making strides to bring "What It is That We Do" out of the dark hallways, and back street bars (although that is fun too) and more and more into public acceptance.

Now, it is happening slowly and surely and we are taking baby steps to make this happen. I can't tell you how excited I was to watch Tristan Taormino talk openly about poly and sexuality in a nationwide bookstore chain at dinnertime! We have two kink shops here in Columbus, and many higher quality porn/sex shops. So if this kind of openness can take place in this fringe bible belt town - you know we are making strides!

So take a moment, grab someone you love (who loves you back) and do something kinky! But wait 'til you are home - or in a more appropriate place (we're not allowed in KFC anymore because of a certain "honey" incident.. lol) or just turn to them and say, "HAPPY SEXUAL INDEPENDENCE DAY!"

Barak & Brat Sheba

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