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Simply Service
Monday Aug 25, 2008 8:25 pm

I recall one specific method that we used to keep several submissives mindful of their service. Now this is a little off this track, but I figured I would share it. It is not the way we maintain a submissive's mindfulness each time - but this was one example that sprung to mind when I was reading a previous post.

We were having a D/s dinner at our House - and the previous time there had been some giggling in the kitchen during meal prep by the s-types. The D-types were in the living room having a lovely conversation, and the loudness in the kitchen was occasionally jarring. So, at this D/s dinner, we decided to offer a bit of "incentive" to the s-types. One of the other D-types assisted me in offering this incentive. At the onset of the eve, we lined up the s-types, and asked if they would like their incentive easy, medium or difficult.

The first s-type chose the difficult route - as they felt they were interested in a challenge. We sutured 4 sleigh bells onto them - one on each side of the chest, and one on each thigh. You see the idea was to be mindful of the impact they had on the silence of the evening. If the bells jingled, they were punished. The next s-type chose medium and they got 2 bells, the last chose easy, and they got one bell. It was most interesting for them to move throughout the eve being particularly mindful of creating noise with their bells.

Their movements slowed, and they were fully focused on their task of not making noise. It was a wonderful exercise in creating a head space. I can honestly say that the results were fantastic for all of us involved, and it gave us a whole new appreciation for the effort it takes to maintain attention to something of that nature.

While I prefer Topping, sometimes stepping into Dom-space can really have a lovely energetic pay off.


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