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Vanilla Becomes Kinky
Tuesday Jul 22, 2008 10:07 pm

weird, yet kinky...

So ... when does vanilla become kinky? I have asked this question more than once. But Sheba and I were discussing it again last night. We were just communing as we do each night, just before sleep; going over our thoughts for the day - when we looked at each other, and said, "What about this..." and we began talking about the most kinked vanilla thing we had done that day - now of course, hers was much kinkier than mine, but it was quite amusing. Now I know it is interesting to talk with significant double entendres but - this is another thing. So - what is your most kinkified (vanilla made erotic) moment?

I'll give you mine... I was at work, enjoying the evening - and we had a person with a difficult stick (i.e. ...IV). I went in (after all, I am quite good at that), prepped her, then placed a large bore needle into her vein. As the blood dripped out, I watched for just an extra second and imagined letting that flow over my hands... as I would look into her eyes... So that was my moment.

Now of course I was totally professional, and did my job appropriately - but it is nice to get a charge out of what you do...

So - what was yours?


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