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A Good Day in the Life -
Sun Oct 4, 2009 10:18 am

I love what it is that we do. I just do. I was speaking about this to a friend at lunch yesterday, as they caught me just grinning. They looked over at me, and asked, "What is that stupid grin for?" I honestly hadn't realized that I was smiling. I was just staring off into space, considering the way my life is going. I was thinking about what had happened so far that day, and what was coming that night – and I suppose that grin just crept onto my face.

You see, I woke up yesterday morning lying next to the love of my life, a softly purring (read snoring) Sheba. I spent a few moments rolling around in bed, and then turned to watch her sleep for another moment or two. Then I got up, walked to the rear of the house, opened the back door to let the cats in (yes – we have three, two huge main coons and a grey calico; but that is a whole `nother story.) As I followed them into the somewhat messy kitchen to brew a pot of the java, I imagine I started this whole daily reflection.

Soon, my coffee was done, and as I sipped I began to mentally prepare for the interviews I had to do later on that morning. I had been asked to be a part of a small selected group to judge a Leather contest. I can see the look of shock and horror on your face – as we all know that I am certainly not "Leather." But regardless, I had been asked to participate as a judge, because of my alternative perspective being a figure in the pansexual Kink community, having "earned my leathers" in motorcycle clubs earlier in my life, and being former military.

After a quick shower and shave, I headed up to the Exile, where the contest was going to take place. The other judges and I met for a while, discussing criteria, interview techniques and getting the minor formalities in place. Then it was time to meet the contestant and begin the interviews. It was obvious he was nervous, but quite eager to step up and serve the Leather Community as Exile's representative for the year.

We spent about an hour asking all kinds of questions from what is your favorite color, to what is your viewpoint about what is happening in Atlanta. Once we had all had our questions answered to our satisfaction, we bid him good luck and good bye until later in the evening, when the remainder of the judging would take place, on stage, in front of a hundred or so wild and fun Exile patrons. As he left, we all gathered round the small buffet that Exile had provided to banter back and forth about how he did.

As we wrapped it up, I headed out to meet up and good converse with a friend from the pan-kink scene. We shared some poignant insights, and over the course of lunch enjoyed a different sort of energy (wink-wink) with each other. Hence my thinking, it is wonderful to be able to experience a bunch of completely different energies within that short a time span. Lunch was over in no time, the discussion just flowing and soon the food was gone, and the waitress was standing with the check. As we parted, we took a moment to share an intimate hug, and immerse ourselves in each other's energy.

I drove home and opened the front door to find 410 (our slave) had been there for a bit. The front room was clean, smelled of fresh pine, and I could hear sounds of dishes in the kitchen. Rounding the kitchen corner, I found 410 nearly nekkid, cleaning the kitchen and singing along with some music on the radio. She started at my appearance, as she had been in her own world, and I brought her to her knees in front of me to reconnect with her. I held her close to my thighs, and gave her some praise for being such a wonderful and pro-active slave. Pulling her back up by her short hair, I motioned her back to work.

Shortly, Sheba came home, and 410 cooked us a lovely meal. Over dinner, we shared our joys from the day. We smiled and joked discussed the flavors of the meal, and of the energy we had both experienced that day. Hers a small shopping trip up to "Whole Paycheck" (Whole Foods) and DSW, and mine a kink afternoon. 410 served us, refreshed the drinks, and took the plates away to be cleaned and washed as Sheba and I retired to the back porch for the sunset.

Soon, it was time to get ready – as I had to be back at Exile for the remainder of the judging about 9ish. We all dressed in our fetish finest, Sheba in a lovely leather corset and skirt with what were later termed "witchy-poo" shoes. I had on my cleaned and pressed Levi's, a sleeveless black denim shirt, my "Dress" leather vest and boots. 410 was in her collar and a smile. Then the three of us were off!

Arriving at the Exile, we were greeting by the owner and one of the other judges as we settled in to wait out the OSU game. (As an aside – even in a gay leather bar, OSU football still seems to occupy a huge portion of the attention) When the game was over, we took our places at the judges table and awaited the introductions. Soon the contestant was following the MC's instructions and playing for the crowd. The wild enthusiasm was infectious and soon everyone was involved in the ruckus!

It was wonderful! The MC was playing to the crowd, the contestant was flirting with the judges, and the remainder of the bar, the bootblack won the prize for best ass and everyone was having a blast! The raw sexual energy was floating everywhere! But alas, too soon it was over. The contestant had enough of a score to win the sash, and was awarded his title by the owner of the Exile. As the contestant and his Daddy shared the victory, everyone in the bar applauded!

Once the energy had dissipated some, Sheba, 410 and I gave our thanks, exchanged some info, then hugged and kissed our friends, hosts and compatriots, and said our goodbyes. What a wonderful experience. On our way home, we shared small snippets and pieces from the night's fun; different viewpoints, perspectives of the same occurrences, but all fascinating.

As Sheba and I tucked into bed, we cuddled for a moment, sharing our love and the joy in each other's happiness – we both expressed that these moments, the ones where we are enjoying, and following our bliss – they are the "cherries" that lay upon the sundaes of perfect days. So I hope that you have shared in our joy and have found your own days where you experience bliss in whatever form you find the juiciest!


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