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Barak's Musings of Discovery - Guns & Relaxation?
Tuesday June 8, 2010

So.. It's been a couple months since I have gone off to the range. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not Ted Nugent, nor do I kill living things at random. As long as there is a Kroger down the street, I have no need to shoot things that prance about for food. So, unless there is a danger to me or my pack, I don't shoot living things. There - that is my caveat for any tree-hugging bunny-humpers.

But, having been in the military, I do like to keep my "skills" up. So when I am occasionally stressed, I head out to the local indoor range, and target shoot for a couple hours. Today, I went and brought the .22 and the 20ga pump shotgun. When I walked in, one of the sales clerks starting talking about the merits of the newer 17HMR - the "ultimate" small caliber round. He purports - "it has a really flat trajectory, and a 2500fps muzzle velocity." So.. silly me, I pick it up, look through the scope, work the action, etc..

Well, like Sheba in DSW, I went for it. He offered me some good money for my two other long guns, and some other freebees; and after a little paperwork, I trotted to the indoor range. It took about 50 rounds to get the scope dialed in just right, and then the fun started.

It fires like a dream, and the trigger pull is smooth as a baby's bottom. It breaks clean at a little over 4 pounds; with almost zero recoil. The target re-acquisition is fast, and the bolt action slides in and out like a greased goose mating.

Anyway, after about 3 hours and 100 rounds, I looked at my watch, realized it was going on dinner time, and Sheba would be home soon. So, I called it quits, wrapped up my spoils and headed out to the car: relaxed and refreshed. Now I remember why I go shooting... it gets all the little things out of my head, and helps me focus on what is right in front of me.

- so I think I am going to go back more often - just to "keep my skills up" dontcha know?


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