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Happy Holidays!
Saturday Dec 25, 2010

Good morning everyone!

As I sit here, bleary eyed and bushy tailed, I am awaiting Sheba, as she is snoozing away the morning. She is probably having those perverted Nutcracker Suite dreams again. The one where the dancing sugarplum faeries in high heels service her? She really loves Christmas time, and especially the morning of. No, she is not a specific religious person. But she does love to receive gifts, she loves to awaken, knowing that she gets to rend the wrapping and open the presents. But not just that, she loves giving the gifts - to her friends, family, acquaintances, people she passes by and doesn't even know...

You see it isn't the religious holiday she loves. It's the spirit. I suppose that is what I like about it too. The spirit of giving and sharing with the ones we love. It's a time when we can give and receive, not only commercial products mind you, but gifts from the heart. People who have put their time and effort into finding the right thing, something that the other has mentioned, dreamed, or desired, even if it is just our love and acceptance.

I have always felt one of the greatest gifts is acceptance. A phone call that says, I may not be able to send you insert tangible thing here - a car, boat, a mansion or a yacht or even a matchbox car - But, what I am giving you is my love and care; my acknowledgment and my recognition. A moment of my time to say that you are meaningful and important to me just the way you are.

So as I travel along today, (actually at my job working) please know that the Kink Community has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. That I wish each and every one that I know, all of my fetlife, AIS, online and real time friends, acquaintances, a very happy holiday. I sincerely hope that the gifts you receive, tangible or not - fill you with a joy, and the spirit of the holidays. And I am sure that Sheba would also, if she weren't still dreaming of sugarplums dancing and moaning...

Happy Holidays!
Barak & Sheba

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