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Kinky Morning Thoughts....
Friday Feb 19, 2010 10:11 am

Good morning everyone!

I was sitting here, going over all the things that are happening in the local and regional world of kink - and I was thinking "WOW!"...There is something for everyone! There has been a major explosion in the kinky information available - we are really doing it! We are bringing kink out of the dark places, out of the basements, out of the private houses and parties (Not that those aren't incredible), but all of us are making Kink available to everyone who wants to find it! Add to that, we have an effective advocate with the NCSF - in moving 'What It Is That We Do' away from negative psychological labels.

Personally, I am so happy to be aware and alive in this current day. Don't get me wrong, there are problems - as there always will be, but we are seeing another growth spurt in the acceptance and appreciation of the Alt sex / creative sexual expression avenues! While Collar Me,, etc.. have been around for a while, the introduction of Fetlife, and subsequently LifeKink, has created a more cohesive online "Community", so to speak.

Each of these avenues brings more people closer, and makes real time meetings, gatherings and parties more available to the mainstream, slightly twisted vanillas. It is very important to welcome these newcomers - regardless of their investment. Whether they are just simply dipping their toes, or diving in head first; it is our responsibility to share resources. We can offer reference books, learned experiences, negotiation tactics, informational and social meeting times, etc...

As the continually growing community, it is important that we infuse a little of our energy giving back to those seekers, and assisting in creating a more cohesive and healthy space for the people who are peeking through the looking glass. It is important that each of us be a "gatekeeper" and both protect our community, while still introducing new people to what we know, provided they are really seeking this outlet.

When ever I am in this situation, I am always reminded of Morpheus in The Matrix. And when starting down the path of sharing with newcomers. I even use the same line once in a while: "Do you want the blue pill, or the red pill?". To me, it is remarkably symbolic, in saying that age old line we tend to offer: "Do you really want to know?"

Nowadays? The more frequent answer makes me smile. It's Yes.

Peace in your journey,

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