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Happy/Merry Christmakwanzahanukkah!!
Saturday December 24, 2011

Good morning everyone!

Sheba and I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday season.

I am sure we all have things that put us in the holiday mood. As I learned last night, the way Sheba gets into it? She loves to go to the Mall. That's right. She enjoys strolling around the largest mall she can find; rubbing elbows with all the frenetic, last minute shoppers. Occasionally, she will stop to buy a bauble or a nick-knack for a friend or loved one (or maybe a shoe ornament for the tree).

She will carry bags and swing them as she walks. Humming along whatever holiday tune, carol, or classic that can be heard. She grins and glows, watching the Santa and the long line to sit on his lap. As we traverse the mall, she will duck into this shop, or that, coming out with another small bag, or perhaps something sweet to nibble on.

It's also kinda fun for me. Because when she goes into the shops, I can sit on the padded bench outside the door. Frequently, I will watch her over the top of my Iphone (where of course I am trying to beat this level or that of Angry Birds). I will see her flitting about, that sated smile plastered on her shining visage. She will then disappear behind some rack of random gee-gaws, only to reappear some time later with another small bag or a shrug.

You know it's a long day shopping, when you start at about 3p with lunch, and stop for dinner about 8 - then jump back into the fray until near midnight. While the shopping isn't really something I like, or even appreciate; it is something I tolerate, because putting up with it does get me something that puts me in a holiday spirit.

I get to watch the love of my life have great pleasure. That overflowing joy that she gets from reminiscing about her holidays past. The long discussions we have on the car ride home, with the ever present holiday music background. As I slide the car into the drive, she walks to the door, and then fully spent, she slips into bed. That final sigh of happiness as she fades off to sleep - to dream of sugarplums, wrapped presents, and figgy pudding or some such.

So that's what gets me in the holiday spirit. Because at the end of the day, my gift opens, all by itself. You see, my greatest gift is Sheba's happiness. And you know? I don't have to spend a dime for it.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope yours is as wonderful as ours.


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