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Tuesday Aug 9, 2011

Just some evening thoughts,

I think that humor is a part of what it is all about. There are places where we can take the normal dogma of life, and twist it into something humorous and wicked. It’s done in many different venues, satirical books, movie spoofs, comics, sitcoms, etc. Why not BDSM? You mean to say, you have never seen a Dom come into the dungeon with pink bunny ears and fuzzy slippers? Why not?

Recently, we did a scene at a local party that was just pure fun. We poked fun at ourselves, we made fun of religion, and we made fun of BDSM. In my opinion, it was a huge success. We were able to laugh and create a light hearted mood for a good portion of the evening. While mostly sacrilegious and somewhat blasphemous, we were not trying to seriously offend. It is great fun to poke at the serious nature of some things and also to make some people hot.

Sometimes, it occurs to me that many people in BDSM take the scene and themselves way too seriously. Look around any dungeon or playspace, and we rarely see Dominants in pink t-shirts that say, “Real Men wear Pink.” Or Dommes in a frilly tutu and combat boots, with dilly boppers (those silly balls on springs you wear on your head).

I am talking about the cases, where we inflatedly portray ourselves as the Domly Dom(me) or the super-submissive. Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly guilty of it too. There have been times when I take my persona waayyy too serious for my own good. It is important and unhealthy to start to believe all the hype that we allow ourselves create. Our real persona is most often more relaxed, or more well-rounded.

Serious certainly has its place. Kink at some times has a tremendous potential for spiritual and self discovery. There are specific aspects of a power exchange that are based on real attention and focus, not frivolity. Sheba and I have been involved in several real time D/s relationships. Without taking our roles sincerely, there would be little to no power exchange or differential. Remember what I said earlier, humor is part of what it is about.

What I am trying to get across is that humor and satire surely have a place within the scene. So that is also where fun play comes in. It is the whole yin/yang thing. When we get silly, we have an opportunity to let out the playful side and balance ourselves out.

Think about it, the playspace and within SM play are the perfect opportunities to explore our adult fun side. I mean, haven’t you ever wanted to tie a pink ribbon around the hard cock of a man strapped to a St. Andrews Cross? To see two playful 30 something kids fight over a stuffed animal? Or jammed a small bouquet of flowers into a woman’s pussy while she is tied to a bondage table? To cover your submissive in chocolate pieces, and have her say, “Please Eat me” to everyone who comes by. Or suture a dozen bells to your submissive and tell them they will be punished for any noise – then command them to walk around the dungeon on all fours and bring you a drink, then an appetizer, and then…

Rarely do we have a space that is “safe” for us to explore the twisted side of adult humor, where it will be accepted without judgment or fear of imprisonment. Where we can expand and discover the limits of our desire, if there are any. For me, it is important to be able to experience all ranges of emotions in a safe place.

It is also important that “play” sometimes really be “play.” Humor keeps us young at heart, and they say that laughter is the best medicine. I believe it to be true. So get out and have some fun playing, acting, role-playing or beating someone or letting them beat you – it can be really hot!

See ya at a playspace - really soon!


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