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An Open Letter to the Kink Community - revised
Friday Aug 18, 2011

We recognize a continued influx of newer people gaining access to the Central Ohio and National Kink communities. With the advent of social networking sites, such as Fetlife, Collarme, and internet search engines, kink is more widespread than ever. We are even seeing examples in mainstream media – books, movies, television and more!

But it can’t stop there. It is imperative that we continue to think globally, and work to defend and promote Kink, Leather and BDSM gatherings and events in our local, state and national arenas. COPE and Winter Wickedness, along with scores of other kink, BDSM and Leather events, groups and gatherings are essential for sharing what it is that we do in a legal, safe, sane and consensual environment.

We in the Kink/Leather/BDSM lifestyle do what we do because we are seeking a greater connection, a more focused and honest power exchange, and a creative way of loving and caring for each other. There is no reason whatsoever that we need to be embarrassed or ashamed of what it is that we do. We are consensual adults, making choices about our personal sexual orientation and expression. This is an individual choice, and is not anyone else's concern. We do not impose our beliefs or lifestyle on others, but openly share should we be asked.

Like the other communities, we too adamantly refuse to be forced to hide because of others’ beliefs. We are law-abiding, tax-paying, citizens of our respective communities. We are first class citizens, who happen to enjoy a creative expression of our sexuality. And we are "coming out" to stay. Furthermore, we refuse to accept any treatment that is discriminatory, demeaning, or shaming.

AIS, our gatherings and events are extensions of friendship, love, and acceptance. We are simply trying to create a safe, fun, educational and consensual gateway for adults who are open-hearted, honest and desire another form of communication and sexual expression. What we have found is that many people are grateful for this avenue. They have come away from our events with a more open way of connection, a new discovery of their needs, wants and desires, and a renewed relationship with themselves, life and others.

Times are changing, and we hope for the better. We continue to our search for bliss and look forward to our future work in the community to educate and share the truth of what it is that we do.

Barak & Sheba
Owners - AIS

for reference:
"An Open Letter to the Kink Community" (WICKED) - February 9, 2009

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