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Goodbye Cruel World....
Thursday Dec 20, 2012

As we watch the moments tick by, on the eve of the precipice of the End of the World (EotW™) - we are somewhat curious what tomorrow will bring. What does the EotW™ look like? Are we going to suddenly be gone? Is it the actual Rapture™? Will there be ice cream? Is the impending super-storm Draco going to freeze us all out, like that movie? Why did the Mayans trademark it?

Well. We are sure that these questions and many more like it will be answered shortly. But in the meantime, we are sitting patiently by the TV. We know that Fox News will be the first to get the scoop. It may not be right, but they'll get it out there first!

Both of us hope that it is nothing really drastic and the EotW™ goes by without too much a hitch. After all, Winter Wickedness is coming and we really don't want to miss that. We have done all this planning, building, arranging for presenters and vendors... It would really suck to have all that work destroyed in a Extinction Level Event.

Really. We know that the EotW™ has been mapped out for thousands of years, but really; couldn't they have picked a better time? The Columbus Community is really kickin'! We have so many different groups filling out all these great niches, we have new kinksters joining by the dozens. It's simply fantastic!

Hopefully, the EotW™ is just some Mayan joke. We can see it, as they are finishing up the calendar, and the one Mayan mathematician looks at the other and says, "Really. how far you want to go with this? Don't you think 2000 years is enough? I mean, like, we will be dust by then." Or they look at each other and say, "Let's do that. Let's totally fuck with 'em. Just pick a date. Yeah, 12/21/2012 looks good. Just end the calendar then. That'll really freak 'em out! They won't know what to think!".

Who knows what will happen. But... if something really crazy does occur, and we don't get to see you after tomorrow? We want you all to know, we had a fantastic time... and hope you all did too.

See ya soon... or not.

Barak & Sheba

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