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So Shines a Loving Deed in a Weary World...
August 15, 2013

~ my adaptation of an original quote by Shakespeare, brought to popularity by Willy Wonka

There are so many things in life that add stress, strife and emotional malaise. We all have them. Some of us more than others. Regardless, we all have things in our lives that erode our faith in humanity. Whether it is the biting words of a stranger; or the deep cut of a friend's betrayal. No matter if it comes from watching the harsh treatment of another human; or the arbitrary punishment of a child. We all bear witness, or are the brunt of occurrences that create dis-ease in our lives.

A former friend used to call them "Piranha Days." I thought sometimes she had "piranha months." Either way, that's not mine to share. But I certainly understood the reference. When we feel besieged by all the negativity that life has to offer. It is a time when our morale has been ground down to a barely sustainable level.

Under the weight of daily life, AIS, writing, the podcasts, deadlines, events, our regular jobs, our families, relationships, et al and etc... there are times when we would just rather shut off the world. Maybe turn off the phones, the computers, any other comm devices and sit and watch "True Blood," or "Dexter." But... add another piranha bite - our local cable company is having a dispute and now won't broadcast freaking SHO!

Why am I mentioning all this crap that you (and I) don't really care about? Simple. Let's go back to the quote. "So shines a loving deed in a weary world." I am reminded of this quote, and the last scene in "The Seventh Sign," when it took an act of kindness and selflessness to refill the "Guph" or mythical treasury of souls. Let me bring it back around.

Sometimes all it takes is one act. One meaningful moment. One shining light. It might be witnessing a beautiful connection between two humans, a good deed from a stranger, or it could be a simple act of altruism. It may be something that no one else sees. It just might be so huge that no one can miss. It could be for your experience only. Many times, we don't know what this thing will be until it happens... and our heart suddenly overflows.

I am lucky enough to have someone in my life who cared enough to arrange an act like that. You see, our Slave, SpankyRae, is that way. She may be quiet, unassuming, and accommodating... But she has a heart as wide as the world. We live a busy life, and she takes care of many things for us. Yes, she handles much of the mundane... But she also takes the time to accomplish little miracles for us to discover - when we least expect it.

The other day, as I was rushing through the house, as I do. I was in full preparation mode to head to work, when I lifted the undershirt on top of the folded stack in my drawer. I had thrown the shirt over my arm, when I noticed a small jolt of color on the remaining white stack. Unsure of the origin, I glanced back to find a 3 inch blue colored square of construction paper, with a green heart cutout affixed to it.

Now thoroughly confused, as I surely don't have such a thing in my drawers, I picked it up. Studying it for a moment, I focused on the words printed in ink on the heart. Reading it, I found my breath caught, with my heart in my throat. "Thank you for being you." then "xoxo - your girl." While the words said that, I could see her, I could hear her voice reading it. Her eyes, softly communicating her love. Her smile radiating beauty, trust and gratitude. Her submission, dedication, and admiration. All of it. It over filled my heart. It still does.

"So Shines an Act of Love, In a weary world."

For you, girl. Thank you for being you. xoxo - me.

©2013 Barak & Brat Sheba

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