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Hello Rabbit...
Wednesday Aug 20, 2014

There is this energy that both of us love. We are sure many D-types have the same inclinations… but for the sake of a curious rabbit, we will 'splain a little.

There is a consensual predator/prey energy that many of us desire – from either side… and when it comes out? Mmmm… What are we talking about? Well… If you don't know, then perhaps you haven't gotten in touch with your inner beast. Or, perhaps that is not the type of energy you feed on. If that's the case? Feel free to skip this one.

Imagine for a moment, you are a D-Type at a Meet N Greet. You look across the room, and catch the hint of a glance from an S-type. Not really overt, just a quick flash of eyes, the turn away, the smile, perhaps a little shift of the body. The conveyed energy says, “Nothing to see here, hint. Don't notice me, hint. I'm not really interested, hint, hint.”

But. That feeling starts. That little rush. That pull, the flush of your chest, the narrowing of your pupils, the acute focus, the forward lean toward them… You know what that is… The Hunt. Rabbit has just tipped their hand… and Wolf is salivating. The Wolf wants more. A sniff. A glance. The scent of Rabbit is in the air.

The stalk begins. It starts casually. There is no need to rush. Wolf isn't starving, but Wolf is Hungry. You move, not toward, but tangentially, into the S-types peripheral vision. Picking up a conversation, here and there. Perhaps playing a game of pool, sipping a drink, or something. Waiting. Watching. Not directly, but to the side, so that you can see that S-Type. Your senses half on what you are doing, but the other half focused on them.

The S-type makes the next move. Turns in their conversation slightly. Making sure they can see everything you are doing. They have noticed your movement, and are watching… also focused. It's fear and fascination at its finest, at its tastiest. Their mind whirling, thoughts speed up, unanswered questions. Is the Wolf watching? Did the Wolf move toward me? Are they coming? Hunting? What will I say? What do they want? The confusion begins…

You can see it… Building. You want to play with it. You want the trepidation and anxiety to grow… not in a bad way… But that mutually fun, almost scary way. You tread in that general direction. Slowly. Casually. Almost appearing as if there is no interest, but not completely. The S-type glances, wanting to make sure. You meet their gaze… for a moment. Not long. Enough. They know. Rabbit's ears jump, their stomach tightens. The energy spikes. You continue walking.

You trot off. But the Hunt is on. You don't want to spook them. Perhaps you go to the bar, the bathroom, outside for a breath of fresh air… Into the trees. They aren't sure where. They turn in the direction you have gone. They enlist the help of fellow S-types to alert when you are spotted.

You return. Casual. Confident. Ready to chase. It's time. You walk up and greet them. Directly. Looking right into their eyes. Predator to Prey. Wolf to Rabbit. Hunter to Hunted. Their energy is off the charts. Nervous, excited, wanting, hoping… eager… yet trepidatious. You push it along. Blood is in the air. All of your focus comes to bear. The S-Type has your full, undivided attention. The Space between crackles with energy, sexual, excited… Your grin, all fangs and white teeth. Run Rabbit, Run.

The S-type knows the game. Loves it. Can't help what they are about to do. Wolf's energy is jamming their circuits. What to do? What. To. Do? Run? The Wolf will chase… yummy… a fun frolic through the lush verdant night, ending in capture. Stand and freeze? The Wolf might go away… but the Rabbit doesn't want that. What else? What does the S-Type really want? What do they live for?

Rabbit tilts their head back, bears their throat… and willingly.. wantingly... Submits

Barak & Sheba

©2014 Barak & Brat Sheba

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