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That Thin Line...
Friday June 6, 2014

Between pleasure and pain… It's different for everyone. It's not really opposing - it is sensation on a continuum. The line shifts, weaves, grows and shrinks dependent on circumstances – states of being, situations, energy, connection, headspace, and yes – who is involved.

But regardless, we flirt with it. Some of us love it… others it's a love/hate relationship. For those of us on the Top side, Oh.. the joy. The ecstasy. The desire. To watch, to join, to inflict. It is like the finest wine. The tastiest first bite of that luscious fruit. There is no finer aphrodisiac that to share that offering of pain, the agony. To be connected by it.

To watch that look. A glimpse of lust, of shared Eros, from the primal depths of the soul – shining in the eyes of your bottom. Oh… How I love that. To feel, see, experience their physical responses – as the body cannot lie. The arching of the back, the proxemics of the cunt or cock… pushing just a fraction closer as the next strike glides effortlessly toward its waiting, willing, wanting target.

To scent the arousal… that musky, heady fragrance. The subtle clues of desire. The sharp intake of breath, nostrils slightly flaring. The slow sigh of release through pursed lips. The moisture, pooling on the curve of lower back, and more, parting the juncture of the legs. The pupils dilating, almost eradicating the color… all black depths of hunger. For pain that is pleasure.

The pause. The cry. The crack of the whip, the thud of the flogger, the hiss of the cane. The reddening of the skin. A marking. Of territory, of owning, just for that time. The skin, close to parting, but not. The sensation like a bolt of lightning traveling straight to those intimate places. Outside, inside, deep.

And many, many people who don't know, who won't know… who can't or won't possibly understand. What it is to dance across, through and around that thin line… to make it mine, yours… ours.

And the power conveyed and shared by those words… “Hurt me… please.”

©2014 Barak & Brat Sheba

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