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The Strict & Demanding Dom... Who can "Train my property properly"
Tuesday Dec 23, 2014

At least that is what the note you sent her said... That you were a "Strict and Demanding Dom Who Can Make Sure She Is Properly Trained." It may be true. It is very possible that I haven't been Strict or Demanding enough. I know that I haven't devoted hours every day to making sure she has the exact form, the exact right position, the perfectly Submissive Response™ to every Domly Demand©... Plus, I have yet to train her to suck start my Harley. Who knows? Could be that I haven't researched or had her practice the Gorean Slave positions and her Nadu looks more like her Lesha – and you are adept at all nineteen.

Perhaps you are The Most Interesting D-type in the World, and the Domliest of Doms tremble at the thought of your footsteps or you can double Florentine – with your hands and your feet. Maybe all the S-types you have ever trained have only left your service after reaching the pinnacle of their submission and now are meditating on an ice flow about the inner peace they have discovered through your wise tutelage.

I imagine that reading the first several lines of her Fetlife profile must have spurred that inner knowing of your innate ability to comprehend the depths of her character. The demure smile on her profile picture tells it all. With your Mastery, soul-gazing through the computer monitor is child's play.

But here is my question: Why did you send the letter to her? Obviously my ability to create an ongoing power exchange with someone I have known, and perhaps owned for years, is obviously lacking. You could have sent the letter to me. You could have helped out a fellow D-type who is only just learning his ability to wield that awesome power that you purport.

I beseech you. Please Sir, share your vast knowledge. The remainder of the Fetlife and Real World communities are bereft without your inherent abilities. And I for one, am willing to prostrate myself in humility before your Mastery – as I am sure would so many others… Once they too learn of your capacity to shape their S-types to your will.

If only, you could bottle just a little of that. “Essence of Dominance,” it would be the perfect fragrance. Better than Axe Body Spray, Better than Brut… even better than Old Spice. I only ask for a sample, a taste of what could be. Just through sheer osmosis, I might become a 60th of the D-type you are.

I might even be so bold to ask, “Will you train me, Sir?” I have, in past times, heard that good D-types should experience the toys and techniques that they intend to use on their S-Types. This might just be my opportunity. You might be that Master. The One that has been trained in the old ways, in the Great Houses of Europe. The One that will bring order to all this Kinky Chaos. The One who gave E.L. James the lessons that were later penned into the best sellers they are today.

And may I just offer this last thank you. Thank you for contacting my property. Without your informational letter, I would have never known what was lacking in my life, or in hers. Or maybe I'll just go back to listening to Rush tunes and doing more stuff to prep for Wicked...

Barak & Sheba

©2014 Barak & Brat Sheba

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