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I Loved 50 Shades of Grey...
Saturday Feb 14, 2015

Yes. I said that. But let me 'splain.

Last night, on opening night, we all went to see 50 Shades. When I say “all,” I mean an entire Meet N Greet full of peeps – and more. But I think I am getting ahead of myself. It really started at the beginning of the Meet N Greet. Normally AIS Meet N Greets have a pretty good turn out, but last night was jumping! At one point, about 9pm, it was packed. Wall to wall people. There had to be over 150 people in that smaller space. And… it was buzzing with energy in anticipation of an event like this.

Maybe it was about 9:30 or so, when I stepped away to chat with someone. We went around the other side of the bar, near the kitchen to talk for just a moment. It couldn't have taken but 10 min at the most, and then we headed back to what I thought was the fray… but no. It was now a ghost town… everyone had gone within that short time in some mass exodus. It was getting closer.

As I was getting my coat on, one of the 7 people remaining asked, does this mean we still have the tables? Gesturing to the normally full 10 pool table section where we hold the Meet N Greet… I grinned, and said… well? We paid for em… have fun! And then jogged out the door to my car. Starting the car up, and heading toward the parking lot exit, I smiled wider… as I steered toward the movie theater.

I pulled into the parking garage, and saw several of the kinksters heading in… I quickly parked and followed them. There were people from all over the state who had come to join AIS for the Premiere. You see, AIS had rented an entire theater for just us kinksters...

It was easy to everyone was excited! Greeting many of them, as I stepped into the line at the concession stand – one that had to be 50 people long – I took a moment, then walked in front to the counter. I surveyed the glass popcorn enclosure… and gestured to the head concession stand person. I indicated the popcorn, and said… “we're probably gonna need more…” She nodded reassuringly and said, “don’t worry, we've got it covered – just as the big silver bowl began to overflow with newly popped lusciousness.

I returned to my spot in the line, and looked to the balcony bar above. Kinksters upon kinksters were there, completely filling the area, as they waiting for the top doors to open. The line moved fast, as we conversed and shared excitement, and soon my buttery prize was secured in one hand, and a diet pepsi in the other. I was set… I pulled out my ticket, handed it off, and headed in to the dark maw of the waiting theater house.

Sheba and I grabbed the waiting microphone, and welcomed everyone to the event… the air was electric. So many friends, fellow kinksters, and new peeps all come together for this – the long awaited release. How would it effect the community? Would they do a good job? Would it be like the books? None of us knew… But we were eager to discover.

Soon the lights dimmed and it rolled into our pre-filmed intro. Sheba and I had spent some time filming a welcome, and turns out it worked great! Everyone laughed as we did a mini-BSing intro. It was a success… and then… the movie.

It opened and soon the cacophony began. It was like a hilarious version of Mystery Science 3000 – everyone interjecting ridiculous and fun dialog into it. Yes… we were still able to hear most of the movie… but with the additions, and the camaraderie, it was so much more. It was one of the best events we have done. Not the movie itself mind you, but the intimacy and fun of the unexpected.

As to the movie? Well… it really wasn't as bad as expected. Of course there were a few parts, where Christian Grey exhibited the behaviors of an obsessed stalker, but we knew that going in… The SM scenes were very mild, and certainly designed to titillate, not to terrify. The movie directors emphasized the sensuality of What it is that we do… which is very positive.

Overall, that thing we were all worried about? How this movie will make us all seem damaged? I don't think that will be what sticks in people’s minds… I think it will be the sensuality and the hotness of it... the blindfolds, the red room, and… the fantasy of being tied with a grey tie.

But in the end, it couldn’t have been more perfect for me. Yes, I loved 50 Shades of Grey. You know why? It certainly wasn't the content of the books, or the movie. Part of it was bringing what we do into more of an acceptable light. But the main thing? Because this was one of those moments. One that you look back on as you get older. One that really was one of the best times of my life. It was that it brought us all together. I got to spend a night at the movies with my love, my family and my closest friends. And… I will never forget it.

Thank you everyone, for coming out and being a part of it.

Barak & Sheba

©2015 Barak & Brat Sheba

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