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Friday Feb 9, 2015

If you weren't at Wicked, you might not have heard the BIG announcement! At the opening ceremonies, Barak & Sheba and Dan & dawn stepped up and let the attendees know about what we have been doing for the past several months. We all know that the Columbus Kink community is bursting at the seams and The Room can no longer contain all the energy and people! The four of us have formed a new venture - Blue Adventures Cooperative - a fact finding and management group to locate and manage a Community Center, named - the Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression.

We intend to bring class spaces, create room to expand, and a play space to our community! If you have been part of the central Ohio kink and alt community for any amount of time, you probably know the names of Dan & dawn and Barak & Sheba. Barak & Sheba run Adventures in Sexuality, which brings you some of the biggest weekend events in the Mid-West. Dan & dawn present on alt-relationships and kink around the nation and are the authors of Living M/s, the best selling power exchange book. And that is just the tip of the iceberg! And now they have joined forces to bring you The Space!

What is The Space?

The Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression (or simply "The Space") is going to bring you:

What We Need & What You Get

This is no small venture, and we are doing it big and right. We are seeking $8,000 to pay for realtors, lawyers, contract fees, and other discovery related expenses. For your donations, you'll receive various perks around membership - from having a personalized membership card to get you in the door to a plaque on the wall telling people for all time that you helped make this dream happen. And you'll receive a variety of benefits and items than only Adventures in Sexuality and Dan & dawn can provide! Whether we reach our funding goal or not, the lawyers and related fees will still need to get paid and your money goes directly to them.

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We Need You

Your contribution will make a difference to the entire community. Having a known community center will mean safe places to play for everyone. Education is a keystone for the kink and alt community and we need this space to make it available for our growing community. As our community grows, places like our beloved "Room" simply can't handle the number of people seeking to learn and grow, meet and become part of our alternative kink family!

Can It Be Done? - Yes!

Barak & Sheba built Adventures in Sexuality from an occasional house party to one of the most successful BDSM event groups in the Mid-West.
Dan & dawn created Power eXchange Summit, an event that is unlike any other in the nation.
Barak & Sheba have created a half dozen groups to support the community - from New 2 Kink to the AIS SRT, you'll find them all due to their efforts!
Dan & dawn created The Room, the place to gather for all alternative and kink groups in Columbus.
You can have complete confidence that together, the four of them will bring this dream to life!

Risks & Challenges

We know this can be done. Cities like Chicago, Dallas, St. Louis, Seattle, they all have a version of what we are building. But we know there are hurdles to clear as well. Gaining bank funding, city councils, opposing non-kink groups all will have to be considered. But we are not worried!

We have worked with city councils and banks and have been picketed and have had success in the past. We are friends with and/or work with others that have done similar community centers in other cities and thus have a lot of resources and experience they can share. We intend to have the legal standing necessary to stand proud and keep our doors open.

Other Ways You Can Help

Just because you can't contribute financially doesn't mean you can't help!

Get the word out and make some noise about this campaign!

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