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Giving Thanks...
Thursday Nov 26, 2015

Good morning everyone...

It's Thursday morning... Thanksgiving 2015. I am sitting in front of the screen, considering. Reminiscing. Remembering... Accounting for all the things in my life that I am thankful for... There is a long list that comes flooding through my consciousness. I am surprised at the rate and fluidity of it.

The last decade or so flows through; quickly amassing event after occurrence after moment... Snapshots of life, of happiness, of connection - brief flashes of faces, bodies, touches, and then fading into the next.

Occasionally my reveries are punctuated by the illumination of the screen of my phone - Texts from stars in my life - wishing me love, joy, sharing their thanks for our time together, a picture - fading as the screen goes dark once again.

The recollection slows as my timing reaches past 20 years... the images in my mind are less frequent. Not because I can't recall, but there weren't as many. The lights dim as I get to my childhood. The intermittent sketches in my awareness - fewer still - caricatures of reality - far between - but they are there...

Sledding on a cardboard refrigerator box with my sister; our family at the dinner table once weekly for our "leftover nights," my mother having scraped together all the previous meals into a feast; opening presents to find my first Rush album; riding my bicycle miles and miles to get my moped license with my friend Scott. We didn't have much... but there were happy moments.

And as my thoughts boomerang back to the present... the phone illuminates again... and again... and again... my attention on last night, leaving work... a picture emailed from my smiling slut; talking to my lover on the way to meet my wife at the theater...

Approaching, seeing Sheba standing, waiting... we embrace, holding her close for a few seconds, then turning, our hands dropping into the comfortable, familiar clasp... the warmth of her fingers enmeshed with mine... Kissing her goodnight, her beautiful, satisfied smile in the dim light as I fall slowly into the darkness ... my personal movie fades to black...

This morning waking to coffee, and reviewing the AIS Lists... Seeing everyone on my feed wish each other a happy day... Listing the things they are thankful for... Yes. There are so many things, so many people, so many beautiful and wonderful flashes of memory, so many moments, that I am thankful for - all scenes to the amazing, fantastic movie of my life inside my head. And... If you are reading this? Then most likely I am thankful for you being in my life also..

Thank you for adding to my movie,

Peace and love,
Barak & Sheba

©2015 Barak & Brat Sheba

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