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Goodbye, Old Friend...
Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Master Owen was one of the first people in the Scene to welcome us. His smile was warm, through the grey/white mustache. I couldn’t help but return that smile. I recall his look reminded me of a friendly walrus. It was very disarming, and made me feel right at home.

Sheba and I had just mustered up the courage to attend our very first public kink thing. It was the NLA Munch, and was held in a local bar. The group was the only one there… But as we sat at the long table, he opened the introductions to the dozen or so people in the group. It seemed that even though everyone knew each other already, we were included immediately. I can still remember that moment.

Over the years, we became friends. Sometimes he would share things with me. How this worked, what kind of a connection he preferred and why. How he chose this flogger or that one. As a Community Elder, he mentored, shared, and helped others, including Sheba and me. He educated quietly, without fanfare or recognition.

In the Scene, he was always a part. Helping organize this, sharing his knowledge at that… As AIS grew, we would seek out his counsel. When there was conflict, his was the voice of reason. A True Community Leader. Sitting quietly at the door for so many events, I can’t even count. Always with that friendly, welcoming smile, and twinkle in his eyes. A big, open-hearted hug. It meant something. Love. Family. Community.

At 2:30am Sunday morning, after a week struggle, our friend Master Owen died. I could say so much more... but through my tears the screen is too blurry. He was a huge part of what the community is today. He touched and was a true friend to so many. We are all better people for having known him. We will all miss you. I will miss you.

Goodbye Owen. You will never be forgotten.

©2015 Barak & Brat Sheba

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