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A Woman on the $20 Dollar Bill?
Friday Mar 28, 2015

This morning, I got an email from my mother. You might remember her, as we interviewed her on the BSing with Mom episode last April. Anyway, as she does, my mom regularly sends me emails with interesting and informative news regarding woman's rights. Why would she do this?

Well... my mother is a Powerful Woman. Aside from raising two pretty powerful kids, She worked and studied, while raising us to become a PhD Psychoanalyst - with her own private practice. She has head multiple large organizations, and been part of the Woman's Rights Movement.

She has shaped both my (and my sister's) paradigms in relation to how we interact, respect, and treat women. She has gone through an amazing amount of life, standing tall and fighting tooth and nail for what she wants. She has been an Active Feminist all of my life - and by her example - so am I.

Her example I believe so strongly in gender equality and respect... that it permeates everything I do. One of the greatest lessons? When you take and display your own personal power, it doesn't diminish anyone else's. AND if done right? If can lift and shine as an example for others.

So, when I got her email this am, and read through the WomenOn20s website, it brought my mother to the forefront of my thoughts. The website looked at all the shining examples of Powerful Women who had shaped the world as we know it... and one of my thoughts was ... "Why isn't my mother here?"

Then I realized the truth. My mother is there. Every one of the Strong and Powerful Women were the ones who had done what my mother did for me. They had shared their power, shined as a standard, and shaped my mother's paradigm. They had been her examples...

The majority of US Currency has men imprinted on it... (except for the limited runs of the Susan B Anthony and Sacajawea $1 coin). Our world is changing in so many ways... Perhaps we should give it a shove?

If you are interested, and want to help make a change on this front? Check out http://www.womenon20s.org/ and just vote for the Powerful Women you would want on the $20. I did.

Barak & Sheba

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