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Happy Valentine's Day!!
Sunday Feb 14, 2016

Today is about Love. While many people consider this a Hallmark co-opted holiday, it began as something more. The Celebration of Romance and Loving. Some would say that it is the Christianization of Lupercalia, others would speak of one of the three St. Valentines – who was either put to death for performing secret marriages for young lovers, or perhaps it was for the fertility gifted by blood soaked hides of roman priests?

Does it matter where Valentine's Day came from? To me… not in the least. Today is the day when we take a special moment and honor the ones we love. We celebrate our connection and revel in the continuing love that we share. We reach out to those we care about and perhaps make an offering? Perhaps we just profess/confess our love?

How is this done? One of my favorite things to do is share a meal. Not just a “here’s a Big Mac, I love you.” But something special. Some out of the way place – Like Sheba and my favorite little romantic Italian joint. Perhaps somewhere we went on our first date? Maybe this year it will be where I took her after I proposed.

Don't worry – that's just one of the ways we celebrate our love. But there is also the touch. Reaching out to other loves, as someone polyamorous would do… Making sure they know I love and care for them also. Would a phone call do? Certainly. What about an email? Less personal, but perhaps writing is your forte'. Of course! Or maybe, a traditional box o' chocolates! It matters not what exactly is done… but that it is done.

So today, as you go about your life? Recall those you love. Celebrate that you have/had something special. A connection that leaves an impression on your heart. And… Let them know. Don't wait til it is too late to let someone know how much you feel for them. Take this moment and offer your Valentine’s Day wishes, hopes and dreams… to your Valentine!

Love to you and yours on this Valentine's Day 2016
Barak & Sheba

©2016 Barak & Brat Sheba

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