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Red Lips - An Erotic Transformational Story...
Friday June 1, 2018

She was beautiful. It wasn't easy to put a finger on exactly why, but Jeff was drawn to her immediately. Her curly, dark hair shone even in the dim lighting of his favorite watering hole. He watched her profile for a minute, then two, hoping that she would turn his way. At long last, when she did, he shied momentarily, not wanting to have her catch him staring.

A long pull on his beer, then a glance back. She was looking right at him. Even from fifteen feet away, he could see her eyes, taking his measure. Inquisitive, but not judging, a slightly more than casual appraisal. Apparently, he made the cut, as she began slowly walking toward him. She weaved through the crowd and stepped in front of him.

She was taller, and a little broader than she had first appeared. But thicker women were more to his liking and again he felt that pull. She smiled slightly and asked, “this seat taken?” Indicating the empty one next to his. He responded quickly, “No, but I'd be happy for your company.” She sat, and her tight stretch pants hugged her curvy body in just the right way.

She introduced herself as Marie, and he responded in kind. Eyes of shining deep blue, he noted with a grin. Marie caught him, smiled broadening and asked. Jeff quickly recovered his surprise, and simply told the truth. “You have beautiful eyes. I hadn't seen them as you were walking up.” Her expression never wavered. She said, “I can be blunt too. I noticed you when you first walked in and have been waiting to see if you were alone. I am glad I stayed.”

The small talk continued for several more drinks, and Jeff felt relaxed as his attraction increased. It seemed mutual. She would look into his eyes and touch him more frequently as they discussed. Her touch fluttering across the bare skin of his arm was electric. Looking over at him, she suggested, “let's take a walk.” He tossed some bills on the bar and turned. His arm dropped, and their hands connected, and clasped warmly. He glanced, and her face lit up.

Strolling out into the night, neither felt the need to talk. Having the connection was enough for both. It was warm, but there was enough wind to toss her locks occasionally. She tugged at his hand, heading toward the park that sat parallel to the bar. Light from the full moon, along with some yellowed lamps, illuminated the path weaving deeper into the verdant sprawling oasis that occupied the city edge. Lazily swinging their clasped hands, they walked. Occasionally her other hand would stroke his upper arm, an increasingly intimate gesture.

As the narrow, cobbled way opened into a small grassy clearing, he saw a bench lit by a dim street lamp. She gestured, and they sat. Marie turned to him and gently stroked his cheek. It was soft, and full of promise. She leaned in and their lips touched. The first kiss was deep, her lips soft and full. Their tongues danced around each other, tasting. Jeff thought, she tastes so good. He drew her closer, feeling her full breasts press against his chest. She pulled back slightly, eyes gleaming in the moonlight. She said, her voice just a little huskier than it had been, “You should know something about me. I am a little wilder than most.”

All kinds of scenarios went through his head. Everything from leather, to lace, to rope, to racing motorcycles. He grinned, “Yeah? I do like adventure.” She laughed mischievously, and said, “well, remember you said that, sometimes I can be a bit of a nightmare. It's my curse. When I get excited, I tend to lose control. So, if I ask, you should stop. Ok?” He laughed, trying to find some hidden meaning in all that. But, he didn't hesitate long and nodded his agreement. He had always been respectful, especially when it came to women. But even with all that, he wasn’t sure where she was going with this.

Returning to the kiss, she became more needy, hungry, and he loved it. Their hands occasionally exploring, he walked his fingers under her shirt, and up the hot flesh of her back. As he was coming around her ribs to tease the firm, protruding nipples that had been taunting his, she laughed. In a casual motion, she lifted the silken tunic upward, revealing the breasts that looked larger than he had first thought. For a moment, he froze, looking about. Her nose flared briefly, and giggling she said, “No one's in the park tonight. We are all alone. He wasn’t sure how she knew, but he was willing to risk it.

Jeff looked down at her breasts, full and large. She grasped his hands and placed them on her soft warm mounds. He reflexively grasped them, massaging their ampleness, tugging at the dark brown areola and thick rubbery nipples. Their lips touched again, and tongues continued where they had left off. As he caressed, her gasps filled his mouth.

Pulling at the buttons on his shirt, she peeled it back from his strong chest. “Two can play at this game,” as she lifted the flannel off and tossed it into the darkness. He gazed at her, moonlight reflected in her eyes, and a faint glow swam in the depths of that deep blue. He didn’t have time to consider that as she nipped at his neck and chest, stopping momentarily to suck his right nipple into her mouth. He let out a low hiss with pleasure. He fingers didn't stop. She reached down and stroked him through his jeans. He felt so hard, and it felt so good. She traced him and smiled, wanting.

She stood up, over him, and swung her substantial leg up and over his bulging jeans. She sat, and even through both pairs of pants, Jeff could feel her heat. She thrust her curvaceous hips against his apparent member, grinding slightly. He could feel that soft mound pressing into him. His cock twitched and throbbed. Her voluptuous breasts were right at his eye level, and he took the advantage, licking then drawing one of her nipples back and forth between his teeth.

The friction between at their lower junction increased… the warmth spread, and it felt… wet? Was she that juicy? He grew harder still. Marie was incredible. She was smart, and sexy, and hot, and wild! She was exactly what he had always wanted… and she wanted him! A knowing look passed between them, as they both felt something inexorable uniting them.

Standing again, she reached for the front of her pants. He had a brief glimpse of dark wetness extending almost to the knee, as she tore her pants from her generous glistening thighs. The pants must have been those minimizing ones, when bare, her ass and thighs were expansive. He must have been staring… as she quipped, “Like what you see?” Jeff nodded enthusiastically and choked out a “yes.” He didn't just like… he was enamored with her.

Encircling his head with her hands, they had a moment of meaningful eye contact. Her eyes glittered more in the light. A moment of puzzlement struck him, but then he saw her saturated protruding labia. The scent of her drew him. He had never had a reaction like this. It was as if his entire being was mesmerized by the sight and smell of her. He felt his mouth open and he started toward her. Marie took his head and forced his eyes upward. “Are you sure you want this?” she quietly inquired.

He knew. In his body, mind and spirit. He had never wanted anything more. His face serious for the answer, “I've never wanted anyone more.” She leaned slightly back, assaulting him with her scent, and pulled his mouth onto her wet, waiting cunt. She ground his face into it, and then leaned back as his tongue went to work.

The sensations were wonderful. Her outer lips were swollen, silken and elastic. Her juices dribbled down his chin as he lapped the full length of her, ending with a flick of her clit. The little man in the boat could have been one of the larger ones he'd enjoyed, and it was thrumming with her delight. As he increased his speed, she occasionally twitched and contracted against his face.

Reaching around, he placed one hand on each extensive butt cheek to pull her closer. She ground her sex into his face. Her moaning taking on a rhythmic quality, and a deeper tone. She was getting closer and closer. He could feel the energy of it building. He could hear her mumbling for a moment, and with one last tongue swipe, he sucked her clit and her swollen labia into his mouth. Suddenly, she screamed, “wait!” and pulled back. He let her go, but it was too late.

She screamed, her orgasm flooding his face with her juices. There was a lot. The unexpected gush filled his mouth and trickled down his throat. Her taste had shifted slightly. It was musky, and a little sweet. The fluid in his mouth had an almost electric quality to it. He could feel heat and a mild shock rush from his tongue to his cock. His erection pulsed, once, again, then he felt a new tension at the base. His arousal spiked and erotic thoughts and images of her came unbidden to the forefront of his mind. He shook his head to try and clear it… but it was no use. He just wanted her, in every way.

She made another sound, but this time, the timber of it was different. It was a mix of shock, and warning? Her breathing came rapidly as she tried to regain her composure. His smile conveyed a mixture of lust and joy at her orgasm. But she looked at him with wide glowing eyes, and a shameful expression. It was then he noticed how her cunt had changed.

Her lips had grown thick, and the cleft had elongated. The color had grown darker. He hadn't noticed it before, he just thought it was getting more sumptuous at her excitement. But now her clit stood proud, as big as a grape and looked to be softly pulsating. The opening … it was wide, still dripping that warm, sweet, thick fluid. It looked so inviting.

His cock strained at his jeans. He licked his lips. He had the impression that his tongue felt somehow longer, but he dismissed that for all his desire to have all of her in his mouth again. He bent and moved closer for another round. She pushed him back, and when he looked her eyes were somehow more almond shaped, with an odd upcurve to the outer lids. She examined his face, seeing his need. She sighed, knowing. With a mix of resignation and anticipation she said, “it's too late.”

He sat bolt upright. “Huh?” it was all Jeff could blurt. He then became aware of his heart pumping. Strong, heavy beats that went straight to his groin. He looked at the huge outline of his cock. Like her clit, it had started notably throbbing in time with his heart. But something was wrong. He wasn't that big. It was heavy against his leg and the pressure was becoming unbearable.

He looked up from his crotch, and found her staring down, her face a mask of shame and desire. But there was more, her already full lips had expanded to almost unbelievably pouty and deepened in shade. Her nose had become slightly pointed, and her eyes bigger still. She licked her lips, exposing a long, narrow tongue as large as his felt. “I have to… I can't… I need…” With that, she lost control, reaching down and frantically tugged at the button of his pants. It took several seconds, but finally she achieved her goal, and his cock sprang out.

She began slowly stroking him. He was instantly lost in the sensation. His hips began to thrust uncontrollably along with her movements. He glanced down and saw her fist encircled the swollen base, her fingers not reaching all the way round. His first thought was, when did she switch her nail polish to black? But then another struck him like a bolt of lightning. His cock had become unnaturally engorged, growing a couple inches from his normal, and the head had splayed and looked flattened.

While he was still processing this, he felt a faint internal squeeze as a glistening drop appeared at the tip. He watched her hand milk his shaft and another, larger drop appeared. With each stroke, he leaked more, sending rivulets of thick pre-cum spilling over her hand. The pressure continued to build, and with each heartbeat, his lust – and size – swelled. He reached and wiped a finger under the head of his now huge cock. It was fleshy and warm, and the thick pre-cum stuck to his finger. There was a tan area, sheath like, that now encompassed the root of him.

He looked across at her. She was still transfixed by his manhood. He stroked his finger across her distended lower lip, and she sucked his finger and juices deep into her mouth. She looked up at him then. Her eyes had shifted to all deep red and were alight with lust. She dove forward and impaled her mouth on his erection. His new girth forced her cheeks to bulge obscenely, but she forced him into her throat. He was shocked when she dropped all the way to meet her encircling fist. Her lips were soft and clung to the sides of him as she wetly slid him in and out. Though she swallowed as much as she could, even more of his pre-cum leaked from her mouth. Bestial urges began to shove his rational thought aside.

Trying to regain some of his mental faculties, he was able to piece together the thought that she should at least get as much as she was giving. He moved his hand down to the junction of her ever-thickening thighs, her expanding ass already had pushed her several more inches up off the bench. When he reached his objective, it was so wet, so hot. He thumbed and squeezed her huge clit, now the size of a ripe strawberry. She moaned and more of her viscous fluid splashed his hand.

She swung her head, as if to clear it, and he then caught sight of her ears. They had moved up on her head and were becoming pointed. She cleared her throat and spoke in a voice racked with desire, and something else… “I can't stop it now, you're becoming like me. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to share this curse with you.” He was confused, but he didn't care anymore. Desire had overcome his concern. He had an inkling of what was happening, but his arousal confounded any thoughts other than touching, pleasing and having her.

His hips were still thrusting against her fist, and she pulled him closer. She spread her now massive thighs and pulled his burgeoning cock deep into her. He looked to see his thighs, now changed to a dappled mix of flesh tone and black, sucked all the way into her huge hole. He felt her cunt spasm around his cock. It was so warm, and so wet… and so tight. She was using her muscles and her hand to work him. As he gazed on, both horrified and massively aroused, he saw his sack grow larger and larger, almost twice as big as her fist.

As the frantic rutting escalated, so did their changes. Her mouth was open, and her canine teeth had grown sharper. While he watched, her breasts thrust toward him, her already darkened nipples, thickening and lengthening. The visible expanses of skin becoming almost a crimson. Small budding horns had pierced her forehead, and black, curly hair had straightened and now spilled down her back. It was now longer and met with the area where her back narrowed slightly to merge with her massive ass.

Drowning in lust, their copulating frenzy continued. Intermingled with her moans, she would almost… growl? She climaxed again with a gush, clamped down on his cock. The pleasure was intense. He had never felt anything like this. In the back of his mind, he knew his body must be shifting to whatever form would be matching her transformation. He could feel his arms strengthening, and a tightening throughout his chest, and his fingers and hands broadening.

He felt power like nothing before. Their juices mixed and squished as they pounded each other. As he breathed his chest broadened, and he stood. Reaching under her to cup her massive ass, he shoved himself into her harder and harder. The pressure in his hip joints forced him to lean slightly forward and he felt his shoulders and back bunch and thicken. The muscles and sinew in his legs doubled and his feet began to curve downward. In an almost futile effort to stay inside her, he pushed his feet into the ground for traction, his shoes long forgotten.

Something in him sensed their positioning was all wrong… Using his newly acquired strength, he reached around her immense chest, and flipped her onto her new, now fully formed hooves. She landed on her hind legs, with her magnificently broad ass facing him. He ran his hands up her back, and discovered emerging, leathery… wings? Her aroma drew him back to her throbbing sex, now migrated rearward, right under her spade tipped tail, and her dark labial folds stretched impossibly long. Her dribbling opening winking, waiting for him to take her again.

Rearing up, he aimed his long, bowed shaft toward her gaping orifice, as he put hands on her back. Strangely, the sensations of his now enhanced glans exceeded the pleasure of anything he had felt before. His enormous cock found its mark, and he fell forward, impaling her on all 2 feet plus of thrumming flesh.

Bellowing with surprise and satisfaction, she tossed her head back. Strangely, he could only see a slight resemblance of her former human self. But she was still more than beautiful to him. Momentarily feeling what must be the final changes, the drawing of his mouth and lengthening of his fangs, his attention shifted back to his throbbing organ. With the combination of friction sucking at him and her scent was pushing him irresistibly to his climax.

It built as a churning, filling sensation, travelling inch by inch through his shaft, like an imminent volcano. In all his human experience, nothing had been this potent, this all-consuming. Within those final moments, he experienced pleasure on a scale he hadn't imagined was possible. He couldn’t hold back anymore, he bellowed, a sound started almost human, but ended in a similar sound as hers… only lower. Burying himself in her, his huge balls slapped against her erect clit and underbelly, the pent-up energy and a molten deluge of cum filled her. His orgasm went on and on, contraction after contraction, pumping unbelievable amounts of spunk and as it did, the last vestiges of his human form slipped away.

As the last spasm struck, he leaned in and nipped her shoulder. Her head tossed, looking back at him as he slipped out with a sticky, wet sound. Turning, she nuzzled his cheeks with a moan. Reciprocating love and affection, he grinned widely, teeth overlapping his thick dark lips. Despite rationale thought having given way to instinct and awareness, he knew she felt as he did. A warmth spread through him. She turned and playfully swatted his face with her long black tail, moved her arms. The gesture tore open the fabric of this dimension. Moving on hooved feet, she swayed seductively toward the doorway in space and time.

Watching as her powerful form move in the moonlight, a sense of completion filled him. He gave her a head start, then took off, lumbering after her, knowing this somehow was only the beginning. They were meant for each other. Somewhere in all of this, whether it was a curse, or gift, she had claimed him – as he had taken her. And deep in his being he knew he was hers, and she was his “Nightmare.”

©2018 Barak & Brat Sheba

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