Cigars, Boots & Chocolate!

Cigar Smoker at The Space!
Good times - with good tea and good smokes!

The event?....the Cigar Smoker & Tea Service!
The date?....TBA, 2020
The time?....7:00pm - 9:00pm
The cost?....$5 donation to the Space
The place?....The Columbus Space For Alternative Self-Expression
180 Outerbelt St, Columbus, OH 43213
Dress code?.... It's mostly vanilla space - so don't get too wild...

Yes, it's been a while since our last... but the warm summer nights are coming. Perfect time for some nice smokes, warm leather, tasty chocolate and most of all - good conversation... It's time for a Cigar Smoker at The Columbus Space!

We will be putting up the Smoker's Tent out in the back of the Space, and providing some quality chocolates for your pleasure. So bring some of your favorite sticks, and join us for a great night of cigars!

The Columbus Space Tea-m will be joining our Cigar Night. They will provide Tea and Instruction on Tea Service for s-types attending to their dominants during the Cigar Social. They will also be happy to serve the Free-Range Dominants who don’t have an s-type to serve them.

If people bring an extra, we might be able to do a cigar exchange... Some Ash Sharing, Boot Worshiping, or other mild Cigar Play.

So, if you are a kinky stogie smoker, an ash slave, enjoy cigar and/or tea service - as a top or bottom, and/or are a boot black, leather lover - or just want to be part of the fun? We look forward to hosting you!

and remember...
~~~ All events at The Space are for those 19+ years old and older
~~~ All events at The Space are substance and alcohol free
~~~ A valid government issued ID is required for entrance and registration to any AIS Event or Party. NO ID = NO Entry; No Exceptions

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