AIS submissive Round Table

A chance to share, ask, learn, and teach!

The event?...The AIS submissive Roundtable
The date?....Aug 26, 2019
The time?....7:00 - 9:00 pm
The cost?....$5 donation for the use of The Space
The place?....The Space
180 Outerbelt St, Columbus, OH 43213
Dress code?.... grandmother rules

The July sRT, which would normally meet July 22, is canceled due to COPE weekend. We encourage everyone to enjoy the COPE convention and we will see you all again in August!

The AIS sRT is a forum where any member of AIS, who identifies as submissive, bottom, switch (please come with- in s-type space), or slave can meet in a safe space to openly discuss topics especially pertinent to them. The topics change from month-to-month, so all can jump-in at any time and join-in on the fun. While education is a main goal, the groups are extremely laid-back, entertaining, fun, and at times just right-down wicked! The topics are both informational and hands-on. We are an all-inclusive group - meaning any age, gender identification, or sexual orientation is welcome! If you're an s-Type, come out and join us!

The AIS-sRT is open to all s-types: bottoms, submissives, slaves, property, etc.. and switches that are wearing their s-caps. Please come with an open mind, a willing attitude, and be ready to have a lively and fun discussion.

The rules are pretty simple -

  • There is no one true way - each has their own way, and that is ok
  • Respect the opinions of the others
  • Don't be a dick
  • Please give a donation for the space (all donations collected are for the operation of The Columbus Space)
  • Facilitated by: dansarani, spankyrae, -arcane-, & GigglePiggy

    and remember...
    ~~~ All events at The Space are for those 19+ years old and older
    ~~~ All events at The Space are substance and alcohol free
    ~~~ A valid government issued ID is required for entrance and registration to any AIS Event or Party. NO ID = NO Entry; No Exceptions

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    COPE 2019

    the AIS C.O.P.E. Convention
    July 26 & 27, 2019


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