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  • New to the Scene?

    If you are newer* to the scene? Join us for a fun and informational meeting!
    With the huge influx of newer people to the scene, we see a dozen new people at each Meet-N-Greet! Plus it’s just getting bigger! In Columbus alone, not counting the peripheral cities, there are over 5000 kinky people – and over 28,000 in Ohio, who are on FetLife. It's amazing! More and more people are joining the Columbus Community on a daily basis, and lots of those people have questions.

    The event?...The AIS New-2-Kink Meeting
    The date?...TBA, 2020
    The cost?....Nada! (If you want some eats, you buy your own food & drink...)
    The time?....7:00pm - 9:00pm
    The place?...Donatos Pizza, in the party room
    1891 Tamarack Circle North, Columbus OH 43229

    topic 1: How to Handle Events - Play Parties, Munches & Meet N Greets – Oh My!

    The AIS Staff does our best to answer the queries that come up, between the Meet-N-Greet, our Articles, the AIS Main FetLife Group, and the BS'ing Podcast, but sometimes stuff doesn't get answered! We know that you've been probably doing what we did when we were new - scouring the online resources like FetLife, reading books, tying up your teddy bears, and flogging yourself and/or your partner – and you think you have gone as far as possible without getting out into the community.

    You have been asking for it, and here it is - an on-going orientation the AIS way! If you have been in the public scene for *less than 6 months, this meeting is for you. It's a great way to learn what happens, and how to interact in many of the environments you will encounter within the community. We have designed a rotating series of four ongoing meetings for new people. Each monthly meeting will address a specific aspect of the public scene and will have a designated time for open questions.

    topic 1: How to Handle Events - Play Parties, Munches & Meet N Greets – Oh My!
    But you probably still have additional ponderings: What happens at a play party? How should I dress to a Munch or Meet-N-Greet? What do I say when I am interested in playing with someone? How do I express my limits, boundaries and desires? Is there a smaller group where they can learn that stuff that everyone takes for granted? Well, now the answer is YES!!!

    One of the best ways to learn about what it is that we do is to be able to have some face to face interaction with kinky people both in and out of kinky settings! So if you are new – come on out! Bring your questions, and join us for a fun, informational meeting in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

    The Fine Print/Rules:
    This meeting is for newer people only
    There are no silly questions
    This is informational and not a “hook up” meeting
    No Predatory behavior
    No Soliciting - this means for anything
    Be nice, Have fun, and Enjoy!
    "No Dating/No Personals/No Chickenhawking"

    Navigation Crew
    AIS Pilot; Barak
    AIS Pilot; Sheba

    helpful information:
    The Dread Pirate Brian's Guide; the newcomer's guide to navigating the scene
    "Sharing Knowledge... Teachers, Guides, & Image-Makers" - a Barak & Sheba article
    AIS N2K class outline PDF links - Copyright (c) 2018 AIS, All rights reserved

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