AIS Dominant Round Table ~ online!

It's time for another DRT - the AIS D-Type Round Table. So come out, leave your ego at the door, and explore your D!

The event?...the AIS DRT/sRT Round Table
The date?....TBA, 2020
The time?....7:00 - 9:00 pm
The cost? online Zoom meeting!
Dress code?.... grandmother rules

This is a wonderful opportunity to join in a circle of discussion about all things D! From topping skills, the philosophy of Dominance, to the completeness of TPE from the Master's POV; this is the place to step out of role, and ask, answer, and contribute to a round table discussion.

The AIS-DRT is open to all D-types: Tops, Dominants, Masters, Owners, etc.. and Switches that are wearing their D-caps. Please come with an open mind, a willing attitude, and be ready to have a lively and fun discussion.

The rules are pretty simple -

Facilitated by: Barak and Brat_Sheba

and remember...
~~~ All events at The Space are for those 19+ years old and older
~~~ All events at The Space are substance and alcohol free
~~~ A valid government issued ID is required for entrance and registration to any AIS Event or Party. NO ID = NO Entry; No Exceptions

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