• I M P O R T A N T ~ ALL AIS in-person events are postponed until after Oct 01, 2020.
  • Party Rules

    Occasionally, the AIS group has an incredible & fabulous party, and the rules are generally along the following guidelines. Don't see your question answered here? just drop us a note and we'll let you know the specifics....

    Age & Registration Regular AIS Events are open to adults, 19 years old (on the day of the event) or older. AIS/Princeton or AIS Club events are open for 20 and older. A valid government issued ID is required for entrance and registration to any AIS Event or Party. NO ID = NO Entry; No Exceptions.

    Alcohol/Drug Policy No alcohol, illegal drugs, illegal substances and/or firearms may be brought into the Event Space. Anyone who is noticeably affected by either alcohol or drugs will be refused admittance or asked to leave by the AIS Staff.

    Attire/Clothing/Dress Code All attendees must dress in a both a "street legal" and appropriate manner when not in the AIS areas of the event location. During the Event, within the Social Area, there will be an area with a clothes rack and hangers, to allow you to change into whatever you want to wear (including nothing!). However, other hallways, the parking lot, the event lobby, local businesses/restaurants, etc... are not part of the event and vanilla behavior and attire are required.

    Cellular Phones/Cameras No camera (film, digital, cellphone, et al) and/or audio-visual recording equipment usage is allowed in the event space, at any time. Confidentiality is imperative and allows for AIS events to be safe spaces for people who are seeking their bliss. People on call should set their phone to vibrate. If you need to make or answer a call, please do so in the hall or outside the building. Any person seen with any such recording devices may be immediately ejected from the premises without refund. (With the exception of Photography approved by AIS Ownership.) please read entire photo policy here.

    Discretion/Common Sense These rules apply to everyone. Negative behavior may effect us all, and after all - we ask for mutual respect from the vanillas, let us do the same for them. Safety and discretion of the event participants is paramount. If this is jeopardized, the offending person will be immediately ejected from the event and possibly banned from further AIS events or functions. This is a Pansexual Kink event, meaning there is minimal protocol. However, mutual respect is the standard for ALL participants.

    Edge Play Please inform a play space monitor (PSM), or any member of the AIS Staff prior to any extreme play, rough play, abductions, or any other scene that appears dangerous or non-consensual. If, as an observer, you see play that appears dangerous or non-consensual, please do not interrupt the scene. Rather, ask the PSM, DM, or any AIS Staff member to investigate the scene. In fact, if you have questions about ANY behaviors or scenes at the event, ask any AIS Staff member for clarification and information. Remember, at an AIS event, the is no purposeful/intentional puncturing of the skin permitted.

    Illegal Activities Anything that is against the law in the state of Ohio, or the USA, is still illegal in the AIS Event Areas. This includes solicitation, prostitution, negotiation of payment for play or sexual services, use or sale of illegal substances, etc.. Furthermore, even though not illegal, there are no firearms allowed within the confines of AIS Events. Adventures In Sexuality will not knowingly admit to membership, events, or meetings any individual who has been convicted of a sexual crime and/or is a registered sex offender in any jurisdiction.

    Smoking areas There is No Smoking inside the Event area, including the use of vapor and/or electronic cigarettes. Dress appropriately when using the non-kink smoking areas outside of the Event area.

    Volunteers Events such as these do not run themselves. It takes many willing volunteers to make it run smoothly. Please be kind, and thank the volunteers for their time and contribution to the event. Please contact the AIS to volunteer.

    Playspace Rules

    Community/Playspace Toys Toys placed on the wooden hangers are Community AIS Property. Please return them cleaned after use. For everyone's protection, we ask that you use the cleaning supplies located throughout the Play Space. If you do a wax or other messy scene, please use a tarp or drop cloth (in the designated area only). Please clean up after your scene. Leave all equipment free of sweat, bodily fluids, wax, lubricants, etc. Bring bodily fluid contamination to the attention of a PSM (play space monitor) on any AIS staff member.

    Food & Drink Food and drink (with the exception of water) shall not be brought into the Play Space. Food and drink is permitted in the social area.

    Furniture Time Limits There is a time limit on all equipment of approximately 45 minutes.

    Forbidden Play Purposeful cutting, piercing, and/or breaking of the skin (including needle play, Play Piercings, knife/scalpel use, cuttings, stapling, Branding/Micro-Branding/Cell-popping, et al), is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Furthermore - Gun Play, Golden showers (urine), Brown Showers (feces) or Rainbow/Roman showers (vomit) are not allowed in this venue. And remember.... no glass bottles, cups, or glass fire-cupping sets allowed at the Columbus Space, or any other affiliated AIS/Space venues where such play is prohibited.

    Play Space Etiquette Normal Play Space etiquette is required. Do not intrude into a scene unless specifically and verbally invited by the participants. Do not touch anyone or anyone's gear without permission. NO MEANS NO.

    OBEY the Playspace Monitor The Play Space Monitor (PSM) and/or AIS Staff member must be obeyed at ALL times. If someone is breaching Play Space etiquette, your scene is being disturbed, or you are being bothered unduly, please notify a PSM or DM (wearing an orange safety vest) or any AIS Staff member. The Play Space Monitor (PSM), and/or AIS Staff member have will have the final say in all activity within the play space. The DMs, PSM's, and AIS staff members have the right to stop any scene that they feel is unsafe, non-consensual, or too intense for this venue. If you are planning to do a heavy scene, resistance play scene, or scene that appears non-consensual, please discuss the scene with a DM, PSM, or AIS Staff member before you begin the scene.

    Safe Sex Safe sex practices are requested even among fluid bonded partners. Barriers, including gloves, condoms and/or dental dams must be used in any genital contact or scenes where body fluids might be exchanged.

    Talking and/or Socializing in the Playspace Watching from a respectful distance is permitted while in the play space, but please keep all conversation, laughter and comments to a minimum. DO NOT TALK TO or INTERACT WITH the players while the scene is progressing, unless specifically and verbally invited.

    Violations & Refunds No refunds will be given to anyone removed from any AIS event for violation of any of the event rules & regulations.

    Common Sense By signing the waiver and attending this event, you agree to be financially responsible for any damage to the event location property (including structures, furniture, amenities or coverings) that are directly or indirectly attributable to your actions while at this party. Please play responsibly, and don’t include the event property in your play. AIS would like to maintain good relations with the event location management, so we can continue to offer a safe space to play in Columbus.

    Safewords The universal safe-words are RED and SAFEWORD. If either word is used, the scene will be stopped immediately. The use of the safeword YELLOW is a cautionary safeword, and will not necessarily cause your scene to be stopped.

    Last but not Least - *AIS reserves the right to refuse anyone admission to (or remove them from) an AIS Event for any reason.

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